About Us

OBJECTIVES: is a News website dedicated to showcasing the facts and happenings around us that may be Local (basically Uttar Pradesh), National and International. It is committed to provide fast and authentic news to its visitors. It makes our society and administration informed about the facts and happenings around us and enable us & our administration to take immediate necessary action when need it. Our objectives are as under:

Ø To spread awareness to stop malpractices like Child Marriage, Child Labour, Illiteracy, Atrocities, etc.

Ø To spread Social, Spiritual, Cultural, Historical facts accompanied by Social services.

Ø To promote social work in the interest of the nation.

Ø To give vide publicity of Government Schemes and drawing attention of the Government and general masses by exposing corruption prevailing the system.

The Evolution:

Maavarahinews website was launched in August, 2019 on the name of MAA VARAHI (माँ वाराही). The temple of Maa Varahi Devi (उत्तरी भवानी मंदिर) is situated in Mukundpur village near Saryu and Ghaghra confluence on the south-west corner of Gonda-district headquarters. A huge fair is organized every year on Navratri. In which lakhs of devotees participate from every corner of the country and state.

Just as Maa Varahi delivers social empowerment through her powers, in the same way Maavarahinews will also play an important role in ending social evils by exposing them to public and administration.

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